Criticism and your success…

Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you – Zig Ziglar

When I read that quote it was as if the San Andreas fault shifted in my head. I think that this is the BEST quote on criticism that I’ve ever come across and the one that is most uplifting.

When I look back, because I was so bent on “fitting in”, and “getting approval” I figured that EVERYBODY knew what was best for me. So I took it all in. However when you’ve lived long enough you will realize that this is a VERY exhausting way to live. It is tiring. It is not productive. Before long you’re a pretzel of your true self and you are unsure “which way is up!”

Mind you, there are some people out there that you should listen to – although it takes a while before you know who these folks are. Everyone is well meaning, good intentions – just not always the best for you. The only real rule I have for deciding on who best to take criticism from is: Look at how they are living their own lives. How are they running their businesses, managing their affairs? We all could talk a good talk, but not many of us walk it well.

I don’t know about you, but the next time someone tries to “bite” me, I’ll feel a little more compassion because after all – this might just be their only “taste” of success.

Go Shine!

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