Survival is not enough…in fact it’s painful!

Only painful though when you’re not involved in the work that you should be doing!

Most of us approach the world of work with the same paradigm:

Go to school. Get a degree. Get a job. Perhaps take another job. Work hard. Rise up through the ranks. Become the “head honcho”. Make big bucks. Retire comfortably.

Or maybe it’s:

Go to school. Forget the degree. Get a job. Become frustrated with boss. Decide to go out on your own. Envisage massive future success. Foresee incredible lifestyle.

Your perception might be constant but the world isn’t. The business landscape changes ever so frequently. New technology promises to serve but is sometimes threatening to our very existence. New players enter into the game every minute!

One day you finally acknowledge that the dull pain you’re feeling is disconnection. You are not really in the right place so even though your dreams are still in tact, you doubt whether you’ll actually achieve any of your goals. Of course you are torn between the money you’re making now either in your job or your own business and pursuing something completely new and better suited to you and your personality.This is a hard decision, one without the luxury of any guarantee that what you choose will work.

However you have two choices:

  1. Live with the pain of your present position or
  2. Choose to reorganize yourself for change and start getting prepared to go through the pain and suffering involved in that process – just one more time as you journey towards discovering your purpose.
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