Your BIGGEST selling mistake

SALES: This word has brought more pain than happiness to almost anyone who “wants to get into it” or is thinking about “getting out of it”. The thing is that the world revolves because of sales.

Everyday, everyone is involved in selling: ideas, transactions, lending, borrowing, going out, coming in, shutting up, speaking your mind – it’s all sales and selling. So forget trying to escape it.

In the business game of selling however – most of us don’t make as much as we ought to because of one thing – and one thing only: IMPLEMENTATION.

FACT: The faster you implement something – the faster you get back valuable feedback which allows you to tweak and improve as you grow.

If you don’t do – you’ll never know and that’s just how life is. In the words of Mike Litman: You don’t have to get it right – you just have to get it going!

Now go sell something!

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