Apply this powerful force in your business and your life and get ready for MASSIVE SUCCESS!

Why am I not yet successful?

Why is it so hard to find good sales people these days?

When am I going to “get it together”?

When will the day finally arrive when I have more money at the end of a month?

When will my “take home pay” finally take me home?

These questions are questions that at one time or another, I have either asked myself or heard others ask out loud.

What is success? The answer to the question depends on the individual. Some equate success with money while others look at a more holistic view incorporating marriage, family life, spiritual life, friendships and work.

Although the outer manifestation of success varies by individual, it is my belief that the success path, although it may appear different on the outside, contains within essential and necessary ingredients that need to be applied and can never be ignored:


Without patience you’re doomed from the start. Things never happen quite as fast as you want it to. Sometimes it takes a long time, particularly if you may need to learn some other things before being truly prepared for “that next step”. It is really important then to have a clear picture of what you really do want to achieve. This is what keeps you going. I know you’ve heard this before, but writing things down and being able to refer to what you’ve written occasionally gives you a tangible reference and an inner confidence that what you’ve put down on paper can and will happen – because you said so and you believe in yourself. Refer to this often.


To all of the control freaks in the world aka as EVERYONE – this is difficult. Not only do we like to control what we’re doing now and how that’s done, we also would like to know in advance how things are going to turn out. Believe me, without our interference life can often serve up a much better outcome than we ever expected if only we would learn to do what we have to do and leave the rest up to the Universe.

I remember when I first decided to do seminars. I had envisaged canvassing businesses and perhaps getting one or two people from each business to attend. Once I sent out my emails and started following up by phone – one of my customers asked me if I didn’t do “in-house” seminars. Something I had not thought of myself. The result: I actually achieved more in less time than I had originally calculated. Now what would have happened if I was attached to my envisaged outcome?

focus.jpg that so many of us know but never use!


We are scattered. We busily jump from one activity to the next. One tactic to the next. Never realizing that NOTHING is getting done. Sure we feel tired at the end of the day. But that dull feeling in the pit of your stomach is simply your body telling you that although you’ve done alot, you have not done what you truly should have been involved in doing. To be successful you need to be consistent and you need to focus on one activity to its completion. DO NOT BE SCATTERED.


People form habits and habits form futures. Again as painstaking as it it some of us just don’t take the time to develop good habits. We make excuses. We give in to ourselves time and time again. We make promises and break them in the next millisecond. And we keep widening the chasm between ourselves and the very success we claim we crave.

Which brings me to my final point.

You are going to agree with most of what I’ve said here. In fact you’re probably shaking your head now and saying “She’s right”!

Yet in spite of knowing that these principles will work in your business and in your life you still would not incorporate them and that is because you are not applying the force that is going to make or break you.

And that force is:


I came across this in Chet Holmes’ book – The Ultimate Sales Machine. And he’s is 100% right.

This is the only difference between you, Oprah, Michael Jordan, Kanye West, Beyonce, Barack Obama, Fergie, the person who was just promoted over you, the ‘stupid dunce’ from school who now has a chain of stores and is expanding into Tobago.

I don’t know who “that person” is for you but I need you to understand that if you apply just this one principle it will most probably be the most important lesson you would have learned in your life!

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