The importance of sometimes doing “nothing”

We often rush…from one thing to the next…ticking off as we go along, against an out of control “to-do” list, which often seems impossible to complete.

Most times we cram more in there than could reasonably fit. We identify with our “things to do” in a very unique way. We feel important. Useful. Needed.

How often do we feel satisfied though, even upon the completion of the many tasks we have listed?

Waiting to exhale? That’s what if feels like!

Well you have my permission to exhale today. Kick back. Do nothing. Listen to YOURSELF. When last I checked, you are important to you. In fact you are a very integral part of YOUR life. I know that sounds obvious, but when last did you actually do something for yourself that could be categorized as nurturing?

You need to give yourself the time and the space to rejuvenate; rethink strategies; plan; not plan; just be.

Take time for yourself TODAY!

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