Mints, nut bars, jub jub…did anybody say Diana?

I have been intrigued lately by the Diana ads featuring Nikki Crosby and Sprangalang. Although the ads are simple ads they are actually a great case for effective advertising.

While advertising agencies in Trinidad and Tobago and worldwide submit ads and win prizes for “most creative” and “best art direction” – advertisers pay them money to increase sales. Many executives argue that their ads increase brand awareness, but I would love to know how many exposures does it take (given the explosion of similar products and services on the market) for my particular brand to be “exposed” and for my potential buyers to become aware of me?

Let’s face it…most businesses are unable to sustain advertising to the point that  their brand is remembered. And even so – what is the guarantee that people will buy your product or service?

Diana’s ads address several important advertising principles:

Testimonials are powerful. Why say it yourself when you can have others say great things about your product? In fact not only do those interviewed sing the mints’ praises but they also give very interesting reasons why they use the mint; of course subliminally giving each viewer “mint use” alternatives.

 Your market is not EVERYONE. Diana Nut Krakr is very clear that it’s main market is primary school children. The interviews are set in a school yard. Sometimes teachers are interviewed but mainly the focus is on the kids. Know your market, target and sell accordingly.

Repetition is key. In this case the repetition of the brand name makes it difficult not to remember it long after the ad is complete. Unlike so many ads that you might remember the general ad, thought it may have been funny or even spectacularly creative yet you never remember the product or service.

Did anybody say Diana?

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