Time to make a step change…

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In her own infinite wisdom, my best friend shared a concept with me that I think is about to change my life!

We were simply discussing my own life and business and stuff I was working on.

“You need to make a step change” she said quietly.

“Step change?” I asked puzzled. Up until then I never heard that phrase. She then went on to explain that at her job, if they had a mandate to double their production – they couldn’t take baby steps towards this objective. They needed to do something significant!

I didn’t respond but that thought stayed with me.

A step change is:

a significant change: a change that makes a significant difference in the size or value of something or the way in which something is done.

I realized then and there – that I had been playing small. Yes I was doing stuff and making progress, but boy was I taking baby steps.

After my master mind meeting today I made some commitments to myself and I intend over the next 30-60-90 days to STEP UP my game!

Where in your own life do you need a STEP CHANGE?

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