The Power of Connection

We are so uber-connected these days. Technology provides us with so many self serve options that we seem to be connecting to each other less and less.

I was talking with a massage therapist who recently took a “Compassionate Touch” course focused on hands-on care for those in later life stages. Some folks showed early signs of dementia, others were no longer able to move around on their own. All the persons she visited with had one thing in common – they enjoyed being listened to – some enjoyed being touched – most of all they accepted the simple gift of connection.

Each of them had a picture and a little bio of them showing who they were when they were younger. One woman pointed out and named all the flowers in the garden then said wistfully “gardening is no longer a part of my life anymore.”

I know we all say that “life is short” and that “we take life too much for granted” but are we, even as we utter the sentiments, connecting with those words in a real way?

With multitasking so popular, we never take time today to even listen to those closest to us far less strangers. We seem more interested in working on our virtual farms, than working in real life.

I remember having an experience of my life. I was feeling really depressed and remembered that I read somewhere,( if I’m not mistaken, the author was Tony Robbins), that sometimes when we are depressed we need to get outside of our comfort zone…outside ourselves. I decided I was going to visit an old folks home.


I listened all afternoon to stories of youth, of fun, of adventure… I massaged hands and I even tried to repair a broken radio!

Robbins was spot on! At the end of my visit, I certainly wasn’t depressed. I had so much to be thankful for and in my own way, despite how I was feeling when I went in, I gave the gift of connection and was blessed in a way that my soul sang ‘happy’.

Connection is a powerful gift!

It’s not about wheeling and dealing. It’s not just about connecting to get the sale.

It is about a brief moment in time, when we honor another human being – by listening, by touching or simply just by being there and being present.

I hope that you will begin to value the power of connection and look for opportunities to gift it to someone else.

Would love to hear about ways that you’ve connected so far in your lifetime…

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