From Affirmations to Afformations

It was the charismatic Tony Robbins that I heard say on an audio tape years ago “Ask a lousy question, you’ll get a lousy answer.” On a trip to NYC in 1997  I saw this little book at Barnes and Noble by Robbins called “Giant Steps – Small Changes to Make a Big Difference – 365 Daily Lessons in Self-Mastery”. It was a brilliant investment! In chapter four of the book is aptly titled: Questions are the Answer – on page 113 he says:

“Questions are the laser of human consciousness.

Use their power to cut through any obstacle or challenge.”

The primary difference according to Robbins between people who are successful and those who aren’t is that successful people are those who have asked better questions and, as a result, gotten better answers.

Apparently Noah St. John also thinks this is true. He says:

“When I tried to figure out why affirmations don’t work, I realized it’s because of the way the human mind is wired. We don’t simply accept statements that we don’t believe.

Human thought is the process of ASKING and searching for answers to QUESTIONS

Let’s say I choose to affirm : I am rich

What happens when I say that is my brain is going to offer “No Gis, you’re not!” and then it will all go downhill from there.

What if I use what Noah calls an afformation? Then I would ask “Why am I rich?” Now my brain is searching for answers to that question.

Check out Noah’s book “The Secret Code of Success” to find out more about afformations…

I would love to hear what has been your own experience using affirmations…

One thought on “From Affirmations to Afformations

  1. Hi Giselle,

    This is Noah St. John, the inventor of Afformations.

    Thanks very much for the post. I’m glad you’re enjoying Afformations!

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    Ask away,

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