Are you making the best use of everything you know?

Our knowledge – everything we carry around in our heads – we take for granted.

Whenever I share with professionals…”have you ever thought about putting that together as a report?” or “that would make an indispensable little e-book that you could easily sell for $19,” I get in return double rolled eyes and the response, “everyone already knows how to do that!”

Atul Gawande author of  “The Checklist Manifesto” says there are two errors of ignorance:

  1. mistakes we make because we don’t know enough
  2. mistakes we make because we don’t make proper use of what we know

My feeling is that we underestimate our own common-a-garden genius – our own perspectives – our own slant on the issues at hand.

So how do you begin?

First get all your ideas down and organize in the form of an article of the ‘how to’ variety or a list ’10 ways to…” or as a ranking report “the top 5 reasons for…”

  1. Send the article to all newspaper editors with a little synopsis as to why their readers need to read about this and why you are the best person to tell the story.
  2. Read your article aloud into a sound file and then burn compact discs and use as a promotional tool
  3. Create a video using the article as a guide, and explain the content.

These are just a couple of ideas, but it’s a good start.

Stop right now and think of all the ideas that you discard as silly or stupid. Think about all the recommendations you are constantly making to yourself, for improvements in how things are run. If you feel strongly about those thoughts, then start jotting down on paper. After all the movie Julie and Julia was based on blog entries by a bored Government worker, who needed a challenge.

Your ideas are gold. What you know is valuable.


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