Procrastination…how we die to our true selves daily

Henry David Thoreau urged us to go confidently in the direction of our dreams and live the life we’ve imagined.

Yet we slip so easily into procrastination, like our favorite pair of pyjamas…[ahhhhhh sweet] and it prevents us from putting forth the necessary effort and work needed to be done to channel our goal from an idea into manifestation.

Nigel Wall, author of Ask Leadership said that procrastination is the death of many a great idea. We don’t even give some ideas light enough to germinate. What good is inspiration if we don’t take action? When you are inspired to do something, it is your actions that set the stage for progress. The work you do has a cumulative effect. If you want success it requires continuous creation and effort.

Everything stems from a place of being and doing.

Procrastination has its rewards or else we wouldn’t be addicted to it! When we procrastinate we temporarily reduce the anxiety related with certain tasks.

Procrastination is learned and it can be unlearned by developing alternative tools for coping with fears We can start by approaching the efforts we must make towards our goals, not as painful and depriving, but a natural steps in getting us to where we really WANT to go. If we want to move along our life’s path and keep a positive momentum flowing through our daily efforts then we will remain focused on our goals and take consistent action.

When we work passionately towards our dreams, avoiding the false comfort of procrastination, we would begin to live the life we’ve imagined and not reach to the end of our days, dying with all our ideas locked tight in our hearts because we were just too afraid to take action!

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