The practice of possibility and the possibilities through practice

That’s impossible!

How often does that phrase show up in our daily lives? Even if we are not actually saying it – if we were truthful – we think it – A LOT!

“I could never get THAT job”

“I could never write like THAT”

“I could never learn to play the guitar like THAT guy”

“I can’t get through to him. It’s like talking to a brick wall!”

“These plans will never get approved. They look good on paper, but will never be realized in ‘real life!'”

All of these are impossibility statements.

What if we viewed each situation in a universe of possibility – through different eyes?

We are creating all the time. We create impossible situations. Is it possible that perhaps our creative powers also go in the other direction – to create “I may not know exactly how but I think it’s possible” moments?

There’s the good old superstar myth or the myth of success: when we see people who we admire display their genius skills and talents – we measure ourselves against them and feel that they are somehow, heavenly geniuses, untouchables, and this talent proffered is ‘natural’.

What route do musicians take to get to Carnegie Hall?

Only one: PRACTICE!…and lots of it šŸ™‚

As children, our dreams were never inhibited with thoughts of impossible. Just dreaming of being a grown-up was a delicious treat, in and of itself. We thought “boy the things I am going to do when I get ‘big’, the power I’m going to have to be, do and become whomever.”

Where are those dreams now?

What if, just for today, you allow yourself this thought…

that somewhere along the journey, we carried far too much, bore way too many burdens, listened to the many voices in our heads and wandered off track, off purpose…but today we will welcome back possibility into our lives and remember the promise of our birth

I’d love to hear how you are going to let possibility into your life today…

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