Don’t get in your own way

I am always amazed how things flow when I am not getting in my own way.

Reminds me of God’s response after Job’s rant questioning Job about  his capabilities and who was really behind all creation.

The truth is none of us can create the seasons, snow, thunder, lightning, day, night, light…

What is interesting is God also asked Job at the same time – “Who gave you instinct and intuition?”

This is where we get our creative instructions, the recipe to guide us towards making things better.

I am grateful today because I did not get in my own way, and things flowed perfectly in spite of the my day kick starting with an earthquake, rain and later on lightning and loud clapping thunder. I shared and received, inspired and  left the Board of Habit For Humanity Trinidad and Tobago with a few possibility seeds.

Remember we are NOT in control and if we can just get in the flow (and not use ourselves to block it) we will create a truly wonderful world.

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