The rests are just as important as the notes

In music there are things called rests which indicate no sound is to be made. I guess rests are to notes like punctuation is to words.

Punctuation breaks up a running on of words, and helps us make sense of everything written in a paragraph.

“What am I to you”, Ryan Bingham asked Alex in the movie “Up In The Air” and she said “parentheses, a distraction, an escape from life as it is.”

I am not asking you to consider morphing into twin brackets BUT I will suggest including a couple pauses in your day because those moments are important. And yes we can call them rests too, except when working people consider resting in the day, they deem themselves lazy.

So to offset that, I am going to encourage you to pause regularly during your day AND (big surprise) I got you a cap so that you can remember!

Yes I know, like everything else in life you need a couple examples so here goes:

Pause to go to the bathroom (yes for those of us who want to ‘hold it in’ until we finish the report) GO!

Pause to just breathe deeply, one or two times, stretch and walk about, go play with your dog, cat or stuffed dog or cat. I don’t care! Take a break 🙂

Pause to visualize where you’re heading – why you’re putting in all these hours – what are you working towards – bring that to the forefront, immerse yourself in the moment and enjoy it.

Pause because we weren’t meant to just go and go and go and sometimes a ‘pause’ that involves closing your eyes briefly and checking your eyelids for cracks (not sleeping of course 😉 ) can be very therapeutic – ask those with siesta systems – anyway following a short rest you will return that much more creative and energized to produce.

So what are you going to sprinkle your day with and often?

That’s right – PAUSES!

And for those who figure the cap is going to mess up your hair…I have a button for you…

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