How to get what you say you want

According to Wikipedia ‘a pet fence or fence-less boundary is a wire around the perimeter of a home, designed to keep a pet within the boundaries of the property without the use of a physical barrier. The wire (which may be buried) carries a radio signal, while the pet wears a lightweight receiver collar which emits a warning sound when the pet nears the boundary. If the warning is ignored and the pet crosses beyond the boundary of the fence, the pet receives a mild electric shock. The pet soon learns to avoid the invisible fence location, making it an effective virtual barrier.’

When you consider it – we create our own invisible fences in our mind – barriers to making progress. Make no mistake – we create them. You know you’re approaching your fence when you begin to feel afraid, and rather than press on through the ‘shock’ we stay just behind the fence in our comfort zone unable to move any further.

Our dreams, goals and desires pretty much get stuck and unless we do something about the fence they remain there haunting us and sometimes making us very miserable!

The good news is that you are the contractor who put up the fence and you can be the demolition person to take it down. Just remember that it took you quite some time to build this fence so give yourself enough time to take it down. Prepare yourself for a little ‘shock’ when you try to walk past the fence but the pain of that is never going to be as bad as leaving your dreams stuck in limbo forever.

Every time you feel like you’re approaching a ‘fence’ that’s hindering your growth – think about the tennis ball stuck in the fence as your goal. All it needs is a little nudge from you – to set that goal, idea, or desire – FREE!

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