There will never be a better you than you

Whenever I talk to a group, and ask this question “You do believe that everyone is born a genius right?” – regardless of age, they all answer “YES!” Yet despite this group consensus, when I look into their eyes they know that they are not playing full out. They know that they are not living their full potential. They know that they are not letting the world see their true genius.

It was Mr. Buffett (Warren) who once observed, “There will never be a better you than you.”

People may try to copy you – how you dress, how you speak, how you might present your ideas but no matter how hard they try they would NEVER be able to ‘DO YOU’ like YOU!

I love music and oftentimes I can turn what was meant to be a love song about someone else to be a song that I can dedicate to me.

The next time you feel that you’re not living up to the best you, the next time you feel discouraged because you don’t fit in, the next time you think that someone else is better than you are, the next time you are at your

remember this song by Donna Summer – and dedicate it to yourself – because no matter what…


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