Why you need to avoid the real world

Today, anyone can be in business. Tools and technology make what was impossible in years gone by, possible and cost effective. One person can now do the job of three, with a virtual office, operating any where in the world working between ten and forty hours per week. You no longer have to deplete your life savings, neither take a tonne of risk but there’s one thing that you must do and do everyday and that is – get up off the couch and make it happen!

The thing is, when you set foot into the “real” world, it is so packed with naysayers that you can’t avoid running into a few everyday. People tell me often, how impossible my personal leadership methods are going to be for Tobagonians because they are “different.”

Then, there are those that would argue with me that an idea I have for filling restaurants won’t work in the islands because the population is too small.

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