Take Five everyday

We are all artists. Everyday we take our new canvas and together with our hands, head and heart …create.

We have all be born to create a particular work of art. This we refer to as living an authentic life.

Yet in order to zero in, and to be clear on the direction we need to take for that given day – we need to take five.

Five minutes to get centred before starting a task.

Five minutes to acknowledge the beautiful and wonderful creator that you are

Five minutes to pay homage to the great Creator

Five minutes to pay attention to your soul and recognize that you are an artist of everyday.

Five minutes to give thanks for your personal gifts and talents that only you can combine in the way that you do – your signature – your blueprint.

Five minutes to offer your love to the people in your life and of this world.

Dave Brubeck wrote a brilliant piece – Take Five…

Won’t you stop and take
A little time out with me
Just take five
Stop your busy day
And take the time out
To see if I’m alive

Though I’m going out of my way
Just so I can pass by each day
Not a single word do we say
It’s a pantomime and not a play

Still, I know our eyes often meet
I feel tingles down to my feet
When you smile, that’s much too discreet
Sends me on my way

Wouldn’t it be better
Not to be so polite
You could offer a light
Start a little conversation now
It’s alright, just take five
Just take five

(Repeat all from 2nd verse on)

and here are two giant stars colliding –  Al Jarreau and Dave performing this wonderful song.

Take five minutes today just before you offer your creative energies and enormous talents to the person, the idea or the project awaiting your attention.

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