Your destiny depends entirely on your mental conduct

Someone said to me recently, “I didn’t realize how negative I was.”

If we were to record from sun up to sun down all our thoughts tomorrow, I bet that we would find ourselves quite negative in our outlook.

Thoughts come and go so swiftly that we are not always aware. Negative thought habits are so strong that if we are not consciously aware we will transgress.

As we leave August and step into September, I have started thinking about how we create situations and ideas and arrive at conclusions in our mind. It all occurs right there – a mixture of complex situations, contradictions and possibilities. If we examine further we will see that we are thinking  the way we are because of some childhood or memorable experience (good or bad). If we were to be honest we also embellish and enrich the thoughts with our own assumptions and feelings. Nothing is necessarily true or untrue.

We can choose to create and make opportunities using our imagination. We need to leave upstairs in our mind and come downstairs to play in real life. We need to forget yesterday and live today. Live NOW!

There are two of us existing at all times: -ten inches small when living in the past, ten feet tall when living in the present.

Start September on the right foot. The circumstances of your life tomorrow are molded by your mental conduct today.

Choose to live as the ten foot ‘truth’ that’s you!

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