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Any business owner, who has had more than ten minutes of conversation with me, knows that I usually suggest they create a special report or something free and dowloadable on their Web sites so customers can give their name and email in exchange for this information. Surprisingly no one has taken my advice.

I have created free reports for several customers but they still have not used it in the way I recommended and that is to offer it in exchange for a name and email address. My thinking is, if someone visits your site, and does not want what you’re offering now, how are you going to know they stopped by and how will you follow up with them until they may be ready to do business with you? With a topical buzz piece, you have your first point of engagement.

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3 thoughts on “Get your business abuzz with a buzz piece

  1. Hi, Great piece again. I’m in the professional service business of providing information to my clients. I have loads of knowledge and information that would benefit my clients, but my set back is not having enough experience writing or putting a report together. I’m no writer but I would like to present the information in a way that people would be able to understand it. I may have to take a writing course to polish up my skills. Any additional advice?

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