Be more like teflon – not Velcro

In his post ‘Calm as a Monk: How Equanimity Can Save Your Sanity’ Leo Babauta talks about being like Teflon.

“Let things roll off you. Understand that there will always be people who are angry or rude or who are having a bad day. Their problems do not have to be yours. If they are mean, you don’t need to be mean also. Let their anger and comments and meanness roll off you like water on a duck’s back. Only by letting them engage you will you allow that anger to take seed in your body and grow. If you can let it roll off you, and ignore it, and smile, things will often get better.”

Then I read in another post – Even a Duck Can Drown that there are certain key elements that a duck needs to develop water resilience!

Which brings me to Velcro. If you find that you are holding onto things then you need to shed your “Velcro mentality”. In The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz talks about not taking anything personally. ANYTHING. Even if you are complimented. This means no attachment, one way or the other.

Equation: (Teflon + (Duck x water resilience) – “Velcro Mentality”) THOUGHTS = A better life journey.

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