If you can see it, then you start to feel it…


There is a beautiful song by Tuck and Patti called Dream that I loved the first time I ever heard it. It’s all about turning our dreams into reality and so there is a part in the song that gives instructions as to how to do that…

If you can see it
Then you start to feel it
The next thing you know, you believe
And that’s when dreams begin to come true

It’s the same set of instructions Napoleon Hill gives if you want to turn your desire into riches.

  • Decide on the amount.
  • See yourself already in possession of it
  • Really believe that it is already yours

Just seeing it is not enough.

Saying out loud that you want it – will not do you any good either.

Only when thoughts are mixed with feeling do they gain entry into the subconscious mind – that fertile field that will give you exactly what you ask for as it connects with Infinite Intelligence.

Think of it like your very own chemistry experiment with FAITH being the head chemist.






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