Today NOT Tomorrow

Nike popularized “Just do it”.

One of my colleagues instilled in me “Do it now”

Yet at times I find myself putting off the very thing that I KNOW will take me to the next stage – the next level of my life.


Perhaps because I am afraid and fear really is our only true enemy.

If I remove the fear attached to my thoughts then my outpicturing becomes far more pleasant.

We truly have nothing to fear but fear itself.

As logical as all of this is sounding to me as I type, I wonder if I will revert to old behaviors tomorrow, despite the insight?

Then I remember that now is all I have and so in this moment, I am pretty cool with the thought of plucking fear from  my present thoughts and plans which make them seem doable somehow, which gives me a little more confidence and realization that I can choose to trust in my fearfulness or I can choose to trust in the wonderful ideas that surface for me.

Tomorrow will take care of itself.

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