Why hindsight is ALWAYS 20-20

Today I had a first meeting with a potential customer.

We all have a story to tell and as she painted her own picture, I saw many roads that brought her to this point where she was today – setting up business in Trinidad and Tobago.

Then she paused and asked me a bit about my background and how I might be able to help her.

As I started to speak, I realized, perhaps for the first time how perfect my journey was, although while on the tracks and in the throes of the occasional melt down, I simply couldn’t see.

Here I was with a science background – feeding my analytic skills blended with experience in packaging, print production, newspaper advertising, copywriting, training and coaching. All set against the backdrop of my absolute love of reading and willingness to explore worlds that may not at first blush be familiar to me, but by the time I was through reading,  I would feel as though I were a part of that world somehow.

I wondered for a long time how I would be able to use this combination of gifts, talents and skills and today it hit me.

You see I produce information rich pieces for my clients in the form of case studies, articles, photography stories and buzz pieces and that involves my full appreciation and complete understanding of my client’s work, my creativity in determining the best theme possible and my writing and design skills in pulling it all together!

And then tonight I saw this quote which was like the cherry on top of my oh-so-perfect-ice cream-of-a-life that so sums up what I’m talking about…

All paths converge eventually and lead us to exactly where we’re supposed to be!

They do! Indeed they do! 🙂

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