Oh – the music of the 80’s

I LOVE the 80’s!

I dream of throwing a huge party with me as the musical director – and yes you guessed it – only songs from the 80’s!

As I crawled in traffic today – heading east – I realized just how important music is in my life. Despite the traffic, I was transported to another world. I sang, reflected, shifted as much as I could in my seat, clapped, and basically looked mad to anyone looking in.

But boy – did I have fun!

I was in the moment. Everything else fell away, and it was just me and the music.

Music is a gift. It inspires – informs – and sometimes bridges the gaps between here and there – making them endurable but most of all memorable.

Reminds me of the O’Jays song – I love music – any kind of music…

“Music is the healing force of the world It’s understood by every man woman boy and girl”

If music isn’t a part of your life now, you are missing out on a healing like no other.

Music is in my DNA and I thank the Universe for that gift.


Photo Courtesy Francesco Marino @ freedigitalphotos.net
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