Real value lies in interpretation and application

A Parable I borrowed from Emmet Fox to explain my point 🙂

“A remote island was inhabited by highly intelligent savages. They had some primitive art and made excellent drawings of animals on the walls of caves. A box was washed ashore containing a number of books, dry and in good condition. The natives were delighted and pored over these pages admiring the odd shapes and patterns made by the letterpress – totally unaware of the real meanings behind it all; unaware of the very existence of Falstaff, or Portia, or Hamlet; of Huckleberry Finn, and of the other characters who lived in the books.”

If you have been reading books, without deeply thinking about what you have been reading or how it may apply to you and how you can use what you’ve read to make your life, and subsequently the world a much better place to live in – then you are just in that position.

Photo of Hall of Bulls Lascaux, from
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