Surround Yourself with People who GIVE energy not DRAIN!

Read a great post yesterday by Sonia Simone , Senior Editor of Copyblogger, CMO of Copyblogger Media, and founder of Remarkable Communication. My takeaway was simply “My problem is never a time management problem – it’s an energy management one.”s

I am an intuitive empath. I am attuned to people’s feelings positive and negative, and before I understood myself would absorb them. Which is why I don’t particularly like crowd situations – malls, parties, bottleneck during Mas’ playing at Carnival time in Port of Spain!

Whenever I feel depleted of energy I shut down – I want to go to sleep instantly.

Being aware of when and in what situations I lose energy has helped me a lot.

In her book, Positive Energy – Dr. Judith Orloff says “How you deal with relationships is integral to how much energy you have.” You will begin to get a better understanding of who gives you energy and who drains you.

It’s a no brainer that you should try to avoid drainers or learn to manage your own energy when in the presence of such individuals. Dr. Orloff points out that we’re real human beings and have our good and bad points. What sets positive people apart is a determination to do their best and not succumb to what’s negative in themselves and around them.

Recognize your body’s intuitions about vibes:

You get a sick feeling about a relationship

  • Your skin starts crawling or you want to withdraw if touched
  • Your shoulders know, your chest or throat constricts
  • You feel a sense of darkness

These are NOT good energy situations.

Remember in a working environment you perform better when you’re energized.

You attract more “lucky” situations in your life when brimming with energy.

In some cases you feel as if you could conquer the world.

Why jeopardize that by maintaining relationships and friendships that don’t add but continue to subtract from your life?

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