Do you have a high performing team or a group of high performers?

We’ve heard the acronym before that T-E-A-M means “Together Everyone Achieves More.” The most important word there would be TOGETHER. Team is a word that gets tagged onto other words like work and mate to communicate togetherness, the spirit of the team is described as if describing the spirit of the whole – yet how many teams function as REAL teams?

What do I mean by real? Well, for starters are your team members open, honest, supportive and aware of themselves and each other? And is your team’s collective output greater than each member’s individual contribution? The power of real collaboration is awesome in its ability to guarantee outstanding results. Still, in spite of the possibility of such awesomeness, so much lip service is paid to teamwork and team leadership in business. Most workgroups never reach the level of effectiveness of a real team and few groups actually achieve the promise of real teamwork through a team building effort.

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