Igniting the Spirit

Some of the best Oprah shows have been the ones when she gives away “wildest dream” gifts. Not because of the gifts themselves although the gifts are always great. But because I often think about how locked in I am emotionally when the giving takes place. How deeply I feel the power of the moment. How intensely I feel that all I could do is cry. And I think – it’s always great to receive but what if I could change someone’s life by giving?

photo of Oprah from http://www.flystylelife.com

2 thoughts on “Igniting the Spirit

  1. I agree that sometimes inspiration is momentary. The key is what you do with it. When you help another person it may be deeply inspiration for him or her and for you . . . in a way that is more enduring. That’s part of living a live of meaning.

    I blog about living a more purpose-infused, meaningful and fulfilling life. I’d love your reaction to my blog and your readers may find it thought-provoking as well. You can read it at: http://findfulfillflourish.wordpress.com/


  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your comments and additional view.

    Thanks for choosing to blog about living a more purpose-infused meaningful and fulfilling life.

    Just today I was thinking about authenticity so your invitation is welcomed. I hope to read and learn from you


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