When a word keeps appearing over and over again – PAY ATTENTION!

Growing up we would hear stories about bad things happen in ‘threes’. So if someone had two bad experiences they would be on the lookout for bad experience number three, before the tides turned in their favor.

What I want to share is something slightly different. I’ve observed that whenever I must pay attention to something a word repeats itself in anything that I read.

This morning I read three articles and within those three pieces the word authentic lit up.

I have been thinking about my own life and how best I can make a difference.

Yesterday I sent an email to a colleague regarding a retreat that she was conducting. Her response was one that I felt frightened and inspired by all at once.

“The speaking training was incredible” she said –

“I’m really good at this”. <———That’s the sentence right there that you should pay attention to. When last did you say without apology, that you were really good at something – ANYTHING! In fact most times we are socialized to think that this is boasting. This to me was about her being authentic – true to herself and genuinely knowing what she was good at – and able to share that confidently with me.

Authentic is the word that I will be meditating on – during this leg of my journey.

How authentic am I being and showing up in my life? Am I imitating or am I exploring and discovering the me I am meant to be in this world? How will that me look? How does that me show up on a daily basis? What message does that me have to share?

I’m paying attention because I want to live a life that matters!

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