The importance of keeping your word

There is a sort of internal crumbling that takes place when you don’t keep your word. We’ve all experienced what happens when someone else doesn’t keep theirs:

  • The minutes aren’t done
  • They didn’t bake the cookies as promised for the bazaar
  • They promised to watch grandma while you went shopping but never showed up

Promised to

  • pay you back
  • never to do “that” again
  • take you on a 3-week vacation

Whatever the promise broken – it leaves you feeling down and puts you in a position where you feel you can no longer trust that person.

But like I said – breaking promises with yourself is worse.

When you can’t trust your own word – then your life truly crumbles. And debris and rubble don’t lie.

Keep your word that you’re going to write that book, lose the weight, teach the class, sell the product, start your own business, get married, pick up Sue every Monday at five – whatever it is – don’t mess with your foundation.

A strong foundation starts with the commitments you honor and keep with yourself!

Practice keeping your word!

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