An open letter to all struggling *blank*professionals

Dear *blank*Professional,

(*blank can be replaced by sales, independent, service, real estate, career etc)

I have a couple of personal questions. You may have never shared these things with
anyone before… but I want you to think about them, and be as honest as possible…

Has the lack of sales success in your life ever made you worry that something might be WRONG with you but you don’t exactly know what?

Have you ever felt (or do you feel now) that if you could just get that one big sale, those feelings would disappear and everything would be okay?

Do you secretly fear that this might NEVER happen? That you might NEVER find that “one customer to make it happen” and that you might spend the rest of your life scrunting or broke?

Now, on a slightly different note…

Was there ever a time when you felt that if you could just learn the right “moves”, you would have the success in sales that you are looking for?

Since then, have you had the experience of learning some great lines, techniques, and strategies that SHOULD work in sales but they just don’t seem to be working for YOU?

Do you secretly fear that no matter WHAT you learn that things might never REALLY come together for you and that you might NEVER really have the success in sales that you want?

If this hits home for you, you are not alone. For many of us, these types of “Inner Game” challenges can be a mystery that’s almost impossible to solve. The frustration and pain can keep you awake at night. If you’ve ever felt this way or feel this way now – I can relate. I’ve been there myself and I know it well.

You feel like you’re riding a never-ending wave of frustration, pain, and failure. You think you’re about to break free; – you meet a  customer that seems interested in your product or service, but then she doesn’t return your call or keeps putting you off or tells you that she needs to present it to the board or she says that she’s interested then gets back to you and says she’s no longer interested! And the wave smashes you back down to the ground right where you started: frustrated, hopeless, and alone!

The really sad thing is that most sales people experience these painful situations forever. They never escape. But why does this happen? I believe that the HONEST reason is that most sales people never address their “Inner Game”. They never learn how to overcome their Inner Game: the psychological and emotional issues. Instead, they try to learn “techniques” and “tricks” hoping that they won’t NEED to address
the HARD stuff. Confidence is everything! This over and above any business skill can make or break your success. If your foundation is weak all your “technique” and “sales savvy” bricks will eventually crumble. The foundation of your success is the belief you have in yourself that you deserve success and that you have what it takes to see that become a reality.

The other very important skill for business and sales success is communication. How well can you take an idea, present it to your market and compel them to act? Remember that we always assume we’ve communicated once we speak, send a letter, leave a message or deliver a brochure. But beware – it’s not what you say but what the customer “hears” that matters! Is your communication crystal clear? Are you busy telling customers about all the features and not how those features will benefit them? Do YOU know the benefits of your product or service?

To make a long story short, the BIG changes are going to come when you take the time to go INSIDE and take a good look at yourself. There’s an old saying “The hungry don’t get fed”. Well, the same goes in a selling situation. If you’re NEEDY, and desperate – then customers run AWAY from you. If you want to change some things in your life, you need to CHANGE some things in your life. In order for your sales world to change, YOU have to change! …Not only yourself, but perhaps your approach. Are you up to the challenge? If so – Give me a call: 868-750-7859

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