Making Good Money, (with Great Benefits) but Find that Something is still Missing? Read this…

Just finished reading the first chapter [get your free chapter here] of “Escape from Cubicle Nation” by Pamela Slim. I intend to buy the book – the first chapter is THAT good! But not just for the entertainment factor.

You see Pamela has articulated what I have felt for far to long and have been unable to express to people I meet who appear to be so happy and content – with their great titles, consistent salaries, and company perks – “I know that you are unhappy. You’re to scared to admit it or in other cases you feel guilty to admit it because after all – you should be grateful. And I know most of all how difficult it is for you to ask for help.” There! Now I’ve said it.

If this is you – I understand – but download your free chapter and take a good read. I also encourage you to buy the book. (and no, I do not have an arrangement with Pamela to benefit from your purchase 🙂 )

If after you’re through reading you think you need someone to guide you out of your cubicle – send me an email –

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