Time to Celebrate!Goal Achieved!!!!!

On the 23rd of October 2010 I achieved my goal of posting something EVERYDAY on my blog! I know it’s not much of a celebration for you but what can you celebrate?

So often we trundle through life, pursuing, achieving, never taking the time to honor ourselves and give ourselves a well deserved pat on the back for what we have accomplished.

The 90 day goal for me was inspired by a writer who set out to blog for 90 days straight. It wasn’t always easy and many times I was stumped for ideas or just too tired to write. But I did.

And I feel (like Tony the Tiger) GGGGRRRREEAT!

Think of something that you need to stop, congratulate yourself for – AND celebrate! We need to do this if we’re going to enjoy the journey and the arrival.

What’s next for me? Well now that blogging is a habit, I’ll continue every day.

My new goal…drum roll……..

For the next 90 days I am going to promote my business to at least 5 persons/business owners a day! I don’t like promoting myself. I always get self conscious and feel that I need to learn more, do more, be more before I am ‘ready’. I’ll never be ready LOL so I’m plunging right in!

Will keep you posted as to the result of my efforts!

Graphic of Tony from http://www.thatsgame6.com






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