You are your Wealth

Stop adding up your bills; stop counting the money you have or need; and stop looking for your supply from any person, place or situation.

The whole Universe is standing on tiptoe watching you – praying that you’ll let go of the negative appearances of the world of illusion and claim your Divine heritage.

Now is the time.

Today is the day. [adapted from the Abundance Book by John Randolph Price]

Tally up your assets – your courage, your ideas, your strength, you compassion, your ability to organize, your splendid time management capabilities, the way you add complex numbers quickly in your head, your healing hands, your ability to connect, your wonderful gift of being able to listen and discern…

This is you. This is your wealth. Without the desire, and idea and courage to implement there would be nothing.

Don’t sell yourself short.

You are your wealth!

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