The Power of Connection

Yesterday we had our first Entrepreneurs CONNECT networking event in Trinidad and Tobago at Bois Cano, Kapok Hotel,  and what a great turn out that was. Everyone who attended thought that it was such a great idea and as one attendee shared “Even if we just make new friends – it’s worth it!”

I have to agree.

As an entrepreneur (the owner of a business enterprise who, by risk and initiative, attempts to make profits) it has been quite a lonely road. Since 1994 I have bootstrapped my way to where I am today. Sometimes it was very very good and sometimes it was risky – scary even. And of course the banks are almost always never ‘friendly’ – something I am eternally grateful for because I wouldn’t be who I am today without the adversity.

But back to the lonely thread. When I had a job, I had other employees I could talk to – share ideas – and commiserate with. When I had a job, I was a lot more social – taking customers to lunch and dinner, and being on the guest list for many events and parties. Then I started working for myself and because I no longer had the weight of the company I worked for behind me – me by myself – got de-listed! 🙂

This is why launching entrepreneurs CONNECT is so exciting for me. I met so many interesting entrepreneurs. The room was filled with so much talent and energy. Gone are the days of pursuing one specialty. There were so many slashes – “I’m an author slash PR and marketing maven slash corporate banker.” Wild and exciting all at once.

Of course people are asking Marc Augustine and myself what we see in the future for the event. We’re both on the same page where that is concerned. The structure is a very fragile framework that would give way to possibility and opportunity, growing and evolving naturally.

The vision though is solid: Once a month entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs will connect in Trinidad & Tobago where a couple people will get to make ten minute presentations about their area of expertise, the kind of contracts they are interested in, and help they might need.

Who knows where we will grow?

Stay tuned! Next event – January 2011. Date to be announced….

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