A quote to make you go hmmmmmmmmm

Owen Laughlin said:

“Money never starts an idea. It is always the idea that starts the money.”

Yet don’t we almost ALWAYS think: it takes money to make money?

I meet people every single day who share great ideas but are too afraid to go out into the Universal Laboratory and test to see if others might like their idea and buy into it.

What makes us so afraid? The worse thing that can happen is that the idea is rejected.We never get to find out one way or the other.

What we prefer to do though is to sit and fantasize about how much money we will make with our idea and how important it is to keep it under wraps lest some undeserving person steals our idea and makes OUR money. Of course while we sit and sit some other person does implement our said same idea and voila – you’re kicking it watching Oprah and there’s your idea – on television for goodness sakes! Rotten thieving bastard!

The idea makes the money – however the idea is no good if it’s not tested. So get up off your butt and start doing something about it.

Next: If you don’t promote yourself, no one is going to know about the ideas you have to make their lives and business better. Start promoting today. You have a moral obligation to make things better for folks.

Finally: quit complaining about people stealing your ideas. Spend your time doing. Your idea needs you to get it going. It’s not going to work magic all by itself!

Note to self image from http://www.hagi1971.blogspot.com

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