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Most people who know me well know that my favorite alcoholic beverage is beer – Has always been – I simply love the taste. For those who know me ‘real good’ you know that my favorite place to hang out and drink beer is at Brooklyn Bar. I remember one time a friend text and asked where I was. I responded with one word: “Brooklyn” to which she responded “when do you get back?” I completely forgot that there was also Brooklyn New York! But back to why I’m telling you about this. You see Brooklyn Bar recently closed its doors. This was traumatic for many of us. It was the place where we congregated at least once a week. Location was Central to everyone, almost an ‘on the way home stop’. Brooklyn Bar = Meeting Central. We were like fish out of water for a couple of weeks but then they reopened. We had our ‘bar’ again.

For me Brooklyn was the equivalent of ‘Cheers’. Everyone knew your name and I felt comfortable going there by my self. Why am I still reporting in the past tense? Because after liming there in the last week of December and only just returning from my Christmas Holiday, I learned that it’s closed – AGAIN – with a suggestion of permanence!

Don’t you just HATE change?? It’s uncomfortable isn’t it? But what can I do? Reciting the serenity prayer might be best because what happens NEXT at Brooklyn Bar or for Brooklyn Bar is completely out of my control.

What I do have control over is how I respond to this event. I could drive by Carlos and Robert’s Street everyday hoping that just by chance I would see the iron gates of Brooklyn Bar ajar OR I can accept what has happened and move on. I will always have my memories which I am sure I will ‘rinse out’ someone’s ears with: “you remember when we used to lime at Brooklyn Bar boy back in 2006?” but moving on is probably best.

I find that as human beings we get so attached to places, things and sometimes people that when it’s time to let go, when the door for whatever reason has been closed we feel stuck and unable to move on. Some of us sit by the closed door, distraught and in tears. Others fire kicks at the closed door fuming “how dare you close on me now?!!!” Still some prefer to live in the past, filled with hope that the door will reopen. They are neither kicking nor crying – just waiting.

Never put a question mark where God has put a period.

“Next” is filled with possibilities that only closed doors can reveal. It’s scary and a little uncomfortable but well worth having an attitude and a curiosity for what’s next for you.

In the meantime I’m taking suggestions for bars to replace Brooklyn! I know it’s not the end of the world. Hey I’m laughing…hope you are too! Happy times are around the corner….

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