OMG – I am a hoarder!

Every couple of years we get a new ‘something’ to be concerned about. Hoarding seems to be the ‘thing-du-jour’ these days.

First there was just people hoarding stuff. Now I see there’s a show on people hoarding animals: dogs, chickens and cats.

I have been very critical of these hoarders. I comment at the TV – “My God you are disgusting!” “How nasty can you get etc.”

So I find myself watching a couple of episodes of “Enough Already” on OWN and I’m hearing this woman wanting to keep all these memories, and not give them up and it occurs to me “Wait a minute – I’m a hoarder!” You see I started to think about some paper that I’ve had on the floor in my office. Printed reports – stuff that I am yet to read – that contains ‘valuable’ bits of information that I don’t want to let go of – that one day I will use.

We all judge other folks. Suze Orman talked about this while trying to help Octomom – Nadya Suleman. While Nadya could not afford to have eight there are some criticizing her but have had the child they should not have had or are adding to the child they already have but can’t AFFORD. But it’s ok to judge Nadya because – “My God she had EIGHT children! How sick is that?”

And it’s like me judging the animal hoarders when I’m busy trying to get smarter by printing and keeping EVERYTHING I think that I MIGHT use sometime in the future to eiher help me directly or help me help a client someday.

Well I’ve fessed up and plan to do something about my information hoarding challenge. I will read through the report one time and note the salient points. I will not print unless it’s more than 50 pages and difficult to read on line. I will not print ANYTHING until I get the paper in my office under control and until I feel I do have the right controls in place to not let that situation recur.

What are you hoarding?

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