The Answer DOES come from within

As I sat down this morning to contemplate my day, I became aware of a little voice. While I listed out all the things I wanted to accomplish – the voice seemed to increase in volume – “you’ll never get all those things done! It usually doesn’t work out quite the way you planned it.” It was the familiar voice that tries to hold me back when I’m trying to move forward. And so I said “I am no longer afraid of you. In fact I invite you to sit with me and keep me company. I will no longer run from you nor am I going to believe your propaganda. But you are welcome because after all, you are  a part of me.”

About half hour later, as I stood in the kitchen doing the dishes, I was listening to a recording by Christina Hills interviewing John Carlton. He described something he called the ‘boxed in’ principle where as he was about to embark on a project, ‘scaredy cat John’ would show up. He would then acknowledge ‘scaredy cat John’ then take him and put him in a box as he proceeded with what he had intended.

I knew then that trusting myself was important as I continue along this chosen journey. I intuitively did what someone else had discovered and named. I don’t have a name for my method but it doesn’t matter.

The truth is that we all have that scared, frightened side of ourselves that always shows up. Particularly when we are starting something that seems much bigger than we are, where we are uncertain of the outcome and not sure if what we forecast will actually happen.

It’s ok to befriend this side of us but it’s not ok to let it stop us in our tracks. Be kind. Put it in a box. Let it sit next to you on the couch. But by all means DO THAT WHICH YOU INTEND!

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