Want to be Strong and Self Reliant?


I don’t know why for such a long time in my life – I wanted to go it alone. I needed to prove that I did it all – by myself with no help from anyone else. What a huge ego I had back then. But so many of us do. There’s always that desire to prove – to prove – to prove! To whom?

In thinking back it started off with that feeling that I was flawed. Everyone else had all the breaks.  I was the one that no one saw. I was the last child who felt that her siblings before her had the best of both worlds – a mother AND a father – who did things with them- (they went on family trips – the pictures reflected that they were having a good time) – that is – until I came along.

So strong the power of our thoughts. Our perception is indeed our reality. And so I needed to prove that I existed and it couldn’t be done with the help of anyone else because then perhaps they might get the credit, and the world still would not know me!

Luckily – I realized that this route was lonely and painful and that the true joy in life, was really in collaborating and sharing the up moments as well as the down moments – in not know EVERYTHING – in the mysteries and nuances because there is learning through it all – the good, the bad and the ugly.

When you have support – in a sister, a good friend, a group of like minded individuals you will find that they have the same challenges, some far worse than yours – but now you are no longer on a solo journey – you have company.

You learn to accept help. Someone might have already gone through what you’re going through now and they give you the help that was given to them.

And finally you get to help others do what you have done.

It’s the circle of love and light. Open yourself up to it. Feel it. Embrace it.

We all want to be strong and self reliant but if you’re drowning it’s always great to have someone, or ‘someones’ that you can lean on and benefit from their collective strength.

Sculpted in high relief and finely detailed, on Coventry 100% rag paper with hand- torn edges – La Familia, the Circle of Love by Orlando Agudelo Botero http://www.orlandoab.com
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