If You Don’t Commit – You Won’t Get It!

Barbara Corcoran was a guest on the Nate Berkus Show yesterday and I am  really happy that I caught the episode. She was giving advice to young designers and artisans, critiquing their presentations and helping them to better sell their wares.

At the end, Nate asked her to summarize what she has learned over the years. She listed three things but I only remember one.


Barbara stated quite emphatically that she noticed that whether it was a good idea or not, once she was committed to it 100% or greater, that she would succeed. If she was half-hearted or even only 90% into the project or idea, things would not go well. These aren’t Barbara’s words exactly; they’re my interpretation but I hope you get the point.

If there’s something in your life you’re considering – stop trying – and DO IT! Commit to it and get it done. Give it your all. Quit worrying about whether it will work or not. The idea may not fly but you would have been a bigger help to yourself from the experience and information you gained in the process.

Again, this is probably why Napoleon Hill asks that you have a Definite Chief Aim – a Definite Purpose that you’re working towards in Think and Grow Rich. No vacillating, no dilly-dallying – just a decision to commit to one purpose.

Then Barbara says, it seems as if the Universe conspires to help you bring it about!

I’m seeing this unfolding in my life right now. Phone calls that I wasn’t getting are now coming more frequently; gigs that I once dreamed of are now coming to life. Why? Because I made a commitment to a definite purpose. And I know that I will get it!

cartoon from http://www.aprncipledaalife.blogspot.com
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