Start right now, where you are – with what you got!

After graduation, Mr. Ferriss moved to California, taking a job in sales at a data storage company. Frustrated by his salary and what he considered to be inefficiencies at the company, he began spending his days surfing the Web and building his own Internet business. About a year later, he was laid off, yet by then he had founded a sports nutrition supplements company.

The underlined portion of the paragraph quoted is the most important to note.

Everybody’s waiting for the right time to: leave, start, return, revisit, renew, expand, layoff, quit, dismiss, start over….

When would be a good time?

Like we’ve always been told: There’s no time like the present.

Waiting robs us of precious time.

Decide and start right where you are with what you have. Somehow when you make this commitment the Universe joins in and helps. The ‘right’ people show up. The ‘right’ opportunities emerge. The ‘right’ possibility ideas float to the front row of our consciousness – dominating our attention and sparking in us a desire to be, do and have!

Carpe diem!




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