The Universe says “YES” to EVERY request

Do you sometimes experience instances in your life – like right after you’ve made a decision to do something – and almost like magic – a solution or idea or approach shows up – just a few hours later – in your inbox, or on the television or from a conversation with a friend?

And when that happens – do you say a silent ‘thank you’ or do you just dismiss and continue to believe that it’s impossible to receive answers this way and that the idea you received has absolutely nothing to do with the decision you made at four o’clock in the morning when you simply could not sleep?

I think it was Wayne Dyer who said that we do not have enough information to be pessimists.

Despite all the ‘bad’ things going on in the world, there are many good things showing up minute by minute. We must realize sooner rather than later that we have just trained ourselves to look for and identify the bad and be more inclined to read about it or watch it on television.

We must re-train ourselves to look for and EXPECT good. We get what we think about and expect – good or bad.

So when next a subtle but powerful solution shows up don’t dismiss it. It’s just the Universe saying yes to your request!

Zig Ziglar encourages – “be a good-finder” and I encourage you today to THINK and do the same!

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