Be who you were meant to be

I am always amazed when I get a call or an email telling me about the difference that I am making in people’s lives.

This is not a boast post but just a post to say that we all have something that we need to share, to teach, to demonstrate, to stand for, to be an example to – SOMETHING – that SOMEONE out there who we don’t know yet needs to hear and see YOU.

I had two gifts today:

A gentleman called me following my radio program this morning on 103.5 FM. He told me that what I was saying was smack on, simple and the ideas I gave so practical and doable that he pushed himself into action – although today is a public holiday in Trinidad and Tobago – to do things that he initially was putting off until tomorrow.

The other was from a young woman who was responding to an article I wrote – published on April 17th called – Are you on the Right Road to Your Destiny?

She said:

“Your article was so uplifting! You captured my exact sentiments. It was as if you somehow knew that someone out there needed that encouragement; …And I cant seem to depart from the feeling that He [God]used you as a vessel to get to me.

I really want to encourage you in continuing your great work and I am certain that I was not the only person who benefited from your article!

It is definitely evident that this is YOUR destiny; what you were born to do.”

Think about how many people out their needing to hear your message.

Think about the numbers needing to see you DO YOUR DO so that they can have the confidence to do the same.

Isn’t this the true meaning of living well and loving? That we help others as we’re being helped along this journey called life?

I encourage you today to begin NOW, being who you were meant to be. This is not a time to copy or to ‘be like’ whoever. This is the time to be you.

Don’t be selfish. Share yourself. Share your gifts. Share your talents.

The riches transcend money. Just look at the gems I received today! 🙂

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