Are You Paying Attention?

Or are you operating on auto-pilot?

Have you noticed that were it not for one area of your life – finances, weight, relationships, career etc. – you’d be OK? It’s like you think “Once I get this area under control – I’ll be fine.”

In reality – what really happens? It seems that the minute you get that ONE area under control another area seems to go out of whack! “Is there no end?” you ask. “Can’t I just get to perfect already and go on to enjoy my life?”

Frustrating isn’t it?

Depends as usual of course on how you look at it.

I think that we must be constantly paying attention to and nurturing ALL areas in our lives. It’s systems thinking really. If you keep working on the systems that keep all areas of your life running smoothly, tuning up as you go, then you won’t have as many surprises. I say that because life is going to surprise us at some point or other. We live not knowing what’s next but then we plan accordingly – control what we can and leave the rest to our Higher Purpose.

In my case I struggled for a very long time with money issues. Now that I seem to be getting that under wraps I am experiencing never before challenges with my weight! But that’s OK. Because now I know that at all times I am several systems running concurrently. While my focus might be on one area I have to make certain that I maintain, repair, re-tool, rejuvenate in all the others – CONSISTENTLY. If this were not happening – all movement would grind to a halt. And then where would I be?

So today ask yourself: “Which areas of my life need immediate attention?” And for those areas you think you have under control – look at them and ask yourself “Can I improve? Do anything better? More efficiently? What can I add/subtract? Where do I need to say “no” more?”

Only then will you truly be paying attention. If not you’re just drifting and that’s NEVER a good thing!

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