Become Curious and Turn a Bad Day into Good Data

It’s important to recognize the adjustment process as we attempt to make changes in our lives. No matter how brilliant our intentions and plans are sometimes they just don’t work.

Or sometimes they DO work …for a time. Then we hit a snag, a wall, encounter temptation and BAM! We’re smack in the middle of a bad day!!!!

Is that an opportunity to give up? To chalk everything up to no willpower?

Definitely not.

In the book Change Anything consider the following:

“In the face of what feels like abject failure, you’ll become either depressed or curious.

You’ll become depressed if you blame yourself, become discouraged, and fall into a total binge – only making matters worse and lowering your self esteem.

If you become curious, you’ll step back and examine the data, LEARN from what happened, and then ADJUST the plan.”

So there’s your choice. You can bump into a new barrier and become depressed and quit, or you can experience the very same setback, become curious and TURN A BAD DAY INTO GOOD DATA.


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