If You Don’t BELIEVE that your Business CAN Transform – it won’t

Are you pretending to search for answers when truthfully what you have done is given up and resigned yourself to the fact that people are never going to change and with that knowledge your business won’t either?

When I coach clients I always encourage them to start off by saying “This isn’t happening right now. But what if it were possible – how would that look?” Asking “what if it was possible” begins to expand and open our minds just a little to allow new thoughts and ideas to germinate.

Except that as business leaders we aren’t “fooled” by word and phrase games. Business is serious and the truth is that “I have on my hands the worst team one could ever ask for competing in times that feel rougher than kneeling down on a grater in the sun with two heavy stones in either hand!”

Has your business become a painful game of survival? Taking from Peter to pay Paul? Running just one step ahead of the bank? Stretching every facility just beyond the limit so that you are constantly playing a month end game of whether the bank will pull the plug or not?

Is this what you really signed up for? Have you been telling yourself that this is just a sign of the times and how things are going to be from now on?

Look at that preceding sentence again. Do you recognize it for what it is – a limiting belief?

Coach Jinny Ditzler, author of Your Best Year Yet says “we’re so hard on ourselves, filled with negative beliefs, assumptions, thoughts, feelings and paradigms about what’s wrong with us or why we’re the victims of our circumstances. And most of the time we’re unaware how the mindless self-talk is guiding – and limiting – everything we do.”

If you want to change some things in your business you need to change some things in your business. The first thing would be your thinking – beginning to recognize your limiting beliefs – one by one and then changing what you’re telling yourself right now is “THE TRUTH.”

You need to master the art of the paradigm shift. Imagine what could happen if you approached your biggest problems with the “anything is possible” mindset rather than the current “I’m right, you’re wrong” paradigm?

We’re already masters of shifting our paradigms and of manifesting matching results. Ever heard or said to yourself any of the following?

  • “Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy”
  • “Like attracts like”
  • “What goes around comes around”
  • “As ye sow, so shall ye reap…”
  • “You get that which you focus on”

I’m sure you have. But what you’ve done is intellectualized it. You understand it from a logical point of view. In your head it makes sense. In your business it doesn’t apply. You have no faith in logic.

But I’m going to tell you that you are an extremely powerful person and that you are constantly using this power either in a positive way or in a negative way – either you’re predicting success or you’re predicting failure.

If you truly want your business to transform you have to first believe that it can and then have faith that it will. If you want a recipe for how to fix others in your business then this is it: simply fix yourself first. Others will see and feel the difference in your commitment level and follow suit.

So let’s start with your negative paradigm “Your business is doomed to failure. You can’t keep running this business as is and the economy is not giving you enough breathing space to get creative. You’ve tried just about everything and you’re convinced that things won’t change.” If you truly believe this then the actions you take (or fail to take) will be synced to this paradigm, and it will naturally follow that your results will be a perfect match for your actions NOT your intentions and what you want.

Using your same power that you used in creating and reinforcing your negative paradigm you can experience a more powerful shift towards getting what you want. So you might start off with “Anything is possible for me. If it were possible for my business to change it means that first I have to change. I am not quite sure where to start but what if I knew where to start what would I look at first?”

The combination of the right paradigm leads to the right actions leads to the right results.

Contemplate this new belief “If I want to change my business I first have to change myself and my thinking. When I change me, I change how people behave and when people change how they behave together we can change what the business can achieve.”

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