What are you practicing?

mocha momentsWe are always practicing something.

Got this idea from Susan Scott author of Fierce Leadership.

Walking daily is a practice. So is watching TV. Getting up early is a practice. So is drinking tea every morning.

Whatever we practice becomes habitual.

Susan advises that taking a look at our practices from time to time will help us spot our own role in creating or sustaining some of the very problems with which we struggle AND allow us to DO something about the.

Take a notebook and jot down about ten sentences starting with “I’m practicing….” and fill in what quickly comes to mind.

  1. I realized that how I think about my money and finances was a practice.
  2. Playing a very small game was definitely a practice
  3. Selling myself short….

My hope is that you find the exercise illuminating.

“The truth is whether we are practicing nonconformity, one-upmanship, cooperation, truth telling, lying, mentoring, gardening, resistance, optimism, cross-dressing, sucking up, giving advice, giving thanks, the tango, meditation, safe sex, complaining, random acts of kindness, our practices have an impact on those around us.” – Susan Scott

So….what are YOU practicing?


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