Why is BEING AUTHENTIC so important?

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Today was my first radio show for the year on Heartbeat radio, with host Marcia Miranda. The theme for this year’s series of programs is AUTHENTICITY.

Webster’s dictionary defines authenticity as “worthy of acceptance or true to one’s own personality, spirit or character.”

Are you being authentic? This is a question I actually have on my business cards. I want everyone I hand a card to, to seriously consider this question.

A lack of authenticity lies at the core of all our failed marketing and selling efforts, business transformation projects, employee performance improvement programs and ALL of our strained relationships.

When we’re authentic we allow others to be authentic too.


Dan Rockwell wrote a post today called ‘Popping the Self-Delusion Bubble’. He kicks off the post with these questions:

What do you call someone who believes they’re:

  1. Supportive but demanding, instead.
  2. Humble but in reality, arrogant.
  3. Listening when they’re talking.
  4. Able to do everything “right” while others fall short.
  5. Informed when they don’t know.

You call them deluded leaders.

Deluded leaders falsely believe intentions automatically translate into behaviors.

We are all personally leading ourselves. We’re deluded (and not being authentic leaders) when our audio is not aligned with our video. When we expect change to happen all around us while we marinate in our perfection (albeit deluded). When we pretend that everything is “ok” when it really isn’t. When we fail to have those difficult conversations because we would much rather keep the peace.

Being authentic is important because it allows us to play a much bigger game, to grow into the true size of our potential and to find the inner strength and courage to demand the highest level of accountability and integrity for ourselves and others.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone lived their lives authentically?

The choice is ALWAYS yours….


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